Splunk Services

Wholepoint Systems has deep expertise with Splunk Software. Our team is one by one integrating our Partner's security platforms to provide a comprehensive solution which cover all aspects of security so your organization is safe and all information is available and viewable within Splunk. Splunk's offerings allow some of the most advanced automation, orchestration and remediation technologies currently available so all this security data has the perfect home in Splunk. Our first installment RiskSense sifts through hundreds of thousands of organization wide vulnerabilities and alerts you on what truly matters so your patch management team knows the work they are doing is truly making your organization safer against cyber-attacks.


In addition to our "Golden" Image of Splunk integrations we provide Splunk professional services, training classes and project management with the following areas of expertise:


Software Integrations

If you are looking to send data into Splunk where a prebuilt connection currently exists or if you need us to build custom code which digs into the API's we can help. ServiceNow, Ansible, AWS, RSA Archer, and others have been integrated with Splunk and are under our toolbelt.

Automation and Orchestration

SOAR products are the future of Security Orchestration Automation and Remediation with Phantom leading the way. We can work with you to enhance your usage of Phantom or can install, configure or get you started with this advanced and powerful product.

Application/System Monitoring and Analytics

With platforms like DBConnect and Rundeck we used used vast application data and created clear analytics available in custom Splunk dashboards all while alerting on Nagios, Jira, Slack, PagerDuty and more.

Security and Compliance

When it comes to Mitre Att&ck or NIST we have an extensive background coming up with custom solutions for clients making the best use of various tools, data, and teams. Our solutions provided unique ways for siloed teams to share and understand security data which was institutional knowledge segregated previously to separate teams.

Advanced Dashboarding

We have spent years building Core Splunk dashboards pioneering unique techniques which offer added benefits such as easily adjusting custom configurations on the fly. Give your dashboards a step up against the rest.