Splunk Mission Control

Splunk has a wealth of spectacular security products but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to monitor all the different Splunk security technologies. Most companies also don't just have Splunk security products which makes monitoring and tracking these disparate systems difficult. Splunk has identified this need and has been working on a platform to monitor all your systems from one place. It is called Splunk Mission Control. When your team has to manage the identification of threats, the security automations and the handing off of different priorities across many tools it can get chaotic, create errors and waste time. During a ransomware attack it can take 60 minutes for the bad actors to complete their dastardly mission. You need all the time you can get to investigate and act as it could save your business from going under as well as your job . Splunk brings all of this together so that you can manage and audit cases and actions taken during incidents all from the same place you view all your security product alerts. There is a lot of interest around this cloud based technology and for the right people and organization it can be highly valuable. If you want to find out more this is a great post by Splunk describing many of the ins and outs of what it can do.

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