Splunk .conf 2020

Splunk .conf 2020 has concluded this year after Splunk launched a virtual 2 day event. Splunk's main focus this year had to do with data in the cloud. They formed a partnership with Google Cloud platform and enhanced their multi-cloud monitoring capabilities by updating dashboards and more. With a year where virtual work became the normal these capabilities are increasingly important to make sure everything from infrastructure to security to application development and business functionality are all working properly.

Over the next few days Splunk will be releasing videos of the different presentations given over the event. You can go here to catch a sneak peek of some of the popular sessions and get more details about the new technologies that were unveiled.

Check out Splunk's official Youtube channel to get a wealth of information not only about the last few days but also other helpful technical and non technical resources. Wholepoint Systems is a proud partner with many years of Splunk experience and custom application development. Reach out anytime.