Splunk and Electronic Warfare

A couple of months ago we started on a new endeavor of creating a tool for the military using Splunk to assist in the analysis of wireless spectrum data. As Veterans come through our training program they often have unique and valuable expertise. It was because of one of these individuals we embarked upon our new endeavor into the world of electromagnetic spectrum analysis. We explored the current state of the industry allowing us to identify weaknesses in our military's capabilities and decided to build a custom solution to see if we could fill those gaps. After months of work we built the Enemy Behavior Analytics and Automation Tool or EBAAT. Our team slowly learned of more and more use cases including automatic device identification, categorization of friendly vs foe, triaging spectrum signals for further investigation, and outlier discovery. Because of our expertise in Splunk we realized it would be an excellent platform for us to build our tool upon. After months of work, we finally have a POC.

Some of the real life scenarios which EBAAT can be used for include:

  • Reducing the manual work of identifying devices from raw signal data - This currently takes our soldiers' months of manual work yet EBAAT automates this entire process

  • Identifying changes in spectrum which could possibly be from devices used by enemies to detonate bombs - This allows our forces to jam enemy signals saving American lives.

  • Monitoring local trends in spectrum around an area such as an embassy - This allows our security forces to change defensive postures based on potentially dangerous situations like political uprisings.

  • Analyzing training exercises done on home soil - This can be used to train our soldiers to be even more effective as a fighting force by not exposing ourselves and our electronic signature to the enemy.

Over the last few months our development of EBAAT and its capabilities has continuously expanded to include new use cases. Wholepoint Systems is now in discussions with the military to test out our prototype and validate its effectiveness. We are excited to see where the future takes us.

Wholepoint System's expertise and talent is in creating custom Splunk applications for unique use cases within military and commercial sectors. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you are interested in a live demo of EBAAT in its current state.

Below are some screenshots of EBAAT as the software currently stands:

Wholepoint Systems, a proud partner of Splunk.