Graph Database Technologies

Graph databases have been a hot topic over the last several years. As they become mainstream we are seeing more and more great businesses across a variety of industries use them.

Through our own research and our clients we have come across a few different solutions which are valuable for those exploring these technologies. One major limitation of graph is its ability to handle a multitude of data-points from large disparate datasets quickly without long processing times.

These solutions can help.

AnzoGraph DB is at the top of the list for new graph databases and can handle structured and unstructured data at the greatest speeds leaving most other graph databases in the dust.

Graphistry is a graph database visualization tool that uses GPU processing to create visualizations which are fast and responsive even with extremely huge numbers of data points that would make other visualizations slow beyond a crawl.

And if you are already using other types of databases, you can check out this video where one of our top partner's Splunk, uses graph from within it's flagship product Splunk Enterprise.

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