Axonius - Asset and User Discovery for Multi-Cloud

This weeks Solution of the Week is a product called Axonius! They built a tool which goes out to all your current systems, applications, and platforms regardless of SAAS, local, cloud or on premises and aggregates information about all of these giving complete visibility of your entire IT footprint. It aggregates and groups all this data by asset as well as user so you can see what servers, laptops, phones, and users you have and the associated specific statistics unique to each application, device, and environment. Very few products can gather all of this data and aggregate it so powerfully but no products provide such an easy to use query language to search through all this important information. For example, you can see which servers have which applications installed. You can query and see if unknown devices are connected to your network. You can check the versions of applications and track when devices were last seen on the network. The query language is powerful and allows you to search whatever is required by your organization. With a tagging ability tied in you can also track and label assets into groups and more. Axonius makes it easy to build dashboards, monitors, and reports to alert and update anyone from software engineers to patching technicians to senior management.

One of the best things about Axonius is its ease of use. It's interface is extremely beautiful, simple and clear. It is one of the easiest to use platforms I have used in a long time. It also integrates with over 300 applications. If you have an application which isn't currently available, the team boasts an ability to integrate (for free) a new one in under a week.(sometimes in only 2-3 days) Another advantage to using Axonius is its ability to be quickly installed and configured. It is usually installed, configured and running within a day using a simple process. Finally Axonius can be run on a VPC so you can deploy it on premise on in any cloud easily and under your control!

We believe in this product so greatly, that we are not only partnered with them but we are also incorporating the product into what we are calling our "Golden Image". Only a select few products which Wholepoint Systems believes are essential for solving critical needs of large organizations are given this internal designation. Wholepoint Systems is taking these "Golden Image" products and integrating them one by one into our own custom Splunk application. Axonius is the first product we will be adding to our Spunk Integration Application. The goal is to find the top products solving the majority of IT challenges and create a tool to monitor them all in one place using Splunk. Work is ongoing so stay tuned for further updates on this front within the blog.

Axonius is used to manage, discover and secure over 10 million devices around the globe. When it comes to having an in depth understanding of all the assets and users running in your IT infrastructure there is no better choice than Axonius.