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About Us

Wholepoint Systems is new type of value added reseller to the tech industry.  With the amount of vendors and speed at which technology is changing, there is a need for organizations to rethink the way they buy and adopt new technologies. 
At WholePoint Systems we are passionate about assisting our customers in identifying the best new technologies for their environments and sticking with our customers throughout the entire life cycle  of their investments.  
This means not just selling our customers technology but providing long term solutions to assist our customers in staying ahead of the rapidly changing tech landscape. 
Our value added services include: 
-continuously identification and evaluation of new technologies 
-upskilling internal staff on COTS technology as it rapidly changes
-maximizing the return on investment in your technology purchases
-integrating new technologies with existing technologies (API's and data onboarding)
-infrastructure as code for easily deploying and optimizing environments 
-discounted pricing and optimization of cloud spend on infrastructure  
-BYOL (bring your own license) versus SaaS strategies
-hybrid and multi-cloud strategy on how and where to implement new technologies
-complete and hybrid managed  service models for both security and infrastructure


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